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      > VOLUME 2, JULY 2000
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Commentary, Report, News: Contact the Editor with The Latest News Events, happenings in your town! Soon we will begin a global collaborative art project, asking for viewers to submit their images and sound for our digital sound/video web-specific work. Images should be in GIF or in JPG format.

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TAM monitor | online arts journal
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Letter from the editor



TAM MONITOR is Alternative Museum's online arts journal, standing for media or news information technology open resource. It is a vital, living organism which will continue to grow, expand & transform as new information is processed & redistributed to our viewers. TAM MONITOR complements the activities of the Alternative Museum as an Institution, by providing vital & living works, projects, events & news. We will soon be hosting a monthly series of webcast interviews, highlighting individuals & organizations who further our mission to initiate, support, present & preserve interdisciplinary arts & criticism. We invite viewers to participate in an open dialogue & become part of our global online arts community.

|||||||||||||||||||| Live Webcast Events
<type=radio~border=0>Net/radio-festival hosted by Studio B11, Department of Experimental Radio at Bauhaus University, Weimar (Germany)

by Tamas Szakal digital sound artist from Budapest, Hungary living in Leipzig (Germany) exposes the physical and virtual space of the Internet + opens this hybrid space for sounds and noises by using simple telecommunication instruments like telephones and answering machines.
|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Interviews
"NOISEGATE TALKS": Granular Synthesis in Interview with Mark Dery (Editor, Artbyte), presented by Altoids, Creative Time & Listen to the Austrian artistic duo of Kurt Hentschläger and Ulf Langheinrich, collectively known as Granular Synthesis, as they speak about their site specific installation: NOISEGATE, a large-scale immersive multimedia experience comprised of projections of disembodied heads onto massive video screens set in the darkness of the Brooklyn Anchorage.  This documentary video was shot for TAM Monitor by filmmaker, Lee Songe, whose earlier film "Echo Off" was presented at The New Filmmaker Series in Anthology Film Archive.

"ART DIRT" Interview w/ "RICARDO DOMINGUEZ"by G.H. Hovagimyan, Robbin Neal Murphy, Adrianne Wortzel.  Listen to Ricardo Dominguez as he talks about growing up in Las Vegas, the body, flesh, digital culture, Chiapas, the Zapatistas, the Taco Bell War, Electronic Civil Disobedience, resistance, virtual dialogue, censorship, and new forms of positive social resistance.
Ricardo Dominguez is cofounder of The Electronic Disturbance Theater, a group who developed the Virtual Sit-in, a former member of Critical Art Ensemble, a group who developed the notion of Electronic Civil Disobedience, and is part of the digital art collaborative Fakeshop, combining performance art, videoconferencing, biotechnology, online marketing & surveillance tactics.
G.H. Hovagimyan is a varied media artist working with digital sound environments + technology, his most recent project, "SoaPOPera for Laptops" w/ Peter Sinclair is part of a major exhibition at the Musee D'art Contemporain in Lyon, France, & has also appeared at Arts Electronica, Linz Austria. GH's work has also been published in the Art Press (France) special edition #19 titled "Techno anatomie des cultures Electronique."
||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Reviews
"MAXIMAL MINIMAL" at Feigan Contemporary. 
"There may be nothing so much as minimal or maximal about the "Maximal Minimal" painting exhibition this summer at Feigen Contemporary. Rather the title is a verbal spectrum..."  Reviewed by Lee Klein. 

"REFLECTIONS OF DREAMS": Susan L. Yung at Tribes Gallery
"Susan Yung has stood out of the glare of publicity too long, so that her show at Tribes Gallery covering over 20 years of her work (videos, photos, paintings, and constructions... " Reviewed by Jim Feast 

"THREE DEGREES OF SEPARATION": Cohen-Frank-Ippolito at Sandra Gering
"Is online art a revolution or a flash in the pan? In Three Degrees of Separation, Janet Cohen, Keith Frank, and Jon Ippolito take sides on this issue in an argument that unfolds visually as well as verbally.  The "separation" of the title refers both to the fierce disagreement between the three protagonists as well as to the means by which that disagreement is recorded..."  |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
|||||||||||||||||| Audio
MARK AMERIKA: "PHON:E:ME"(an MP3 concept album w/ hyperliner notes)
"Creating a work of art will depend more and more on the ability of the artist to surf sample and manipulate the bits of raw data we have at our disposal. We all know originality is dead and that our contaminated virtual realities are always already readymade and ready for consumption!" (-Mark Amerika). Mark Amerika is Founder of the Alt-XOnline Publishing Network hailed "the literary publishing model of the future", and was a Lecturer on Network Publishing and Hypertext at Brown University where he developed the "GRAMMATRON" project, a hypermedia narrative recently featured in The Whitney Biennial 2000.

Listen to Meiko and Ryu, a fictive art collaborative dwelling in the virtual world of the LISTSERV who have exposed the transparency of many arguments dealing with censorship, freedom of speech, artists rights, making commentary on the state of the digital art community, consumer culture, marketing tactics. 

RASTER-NOTON, 20 TO 2000  (Courtesy  Ilpo Vaisanen, Ryoji Ikeda, coH, Beytone, Senking, Thomas Brinkmann, Scanner, Noto, Mika Vainio, Wolfgang Voigt, and Elph perform live in Berlin as part of 20 minutes to 2000, representing a statement for the last 20 minutes of the millennium. Each of the 12 artists produced a 20 minute CD and the entire series was issued as a sort of magazine volume. The series explores the interaction between experimental forms of music, art & science, and was awarded the "Golden Nica" at Ars Electronica, Linz Austria this year.
|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Performative Work
The Electronic Disturbance Theater developed the Zapatista Floodnet to support the Zapatista rebels in Chiapas, fighting against the Mexican government. EDT is a small group of cyber activists and artists engaged in developing the theory and practice of Electronic Civil Disobedience, working at the intersections of radical politics, recombinant and performance art, and computer software design.  EDT is comprised of Ricardo Dominguez, Carmin Karasic, Paco Nathan, Brett Stalbaum & Stefan Wray.  "Swarm" was performed at Ars Electronica's Infowar.

IRATIONAL.ORG: "How to be a radio pirate"
Technical information & equipment reviews on how to become a radio pirate, how to hack into any broadcast radio station, or become your very own mobile broadcast unit, and by promoting DIY media, meaning tactical media in action (because free media is a threat to control) so exercise your human right to free speech, now! is an international group of anarchist artists, who created the Cultural Terrorist Agency, and  formulated "Superweed", utilizing genetic hacker technology to protest and subvert the biological arms race in corporate culture. consists of Rachel Baker, Heath Bunting, Daniel Andujar, Minerva Cuevas, and Marcus Valentine.

"Use only for physical as well as psychic admission to a participatory exposure #0001: 'Information for the Other Sides of Here'.  Bid for 1 of 12 Passwords..." Cary Peppermint's performative work finds its way onto listservs, &, where he mirrors and comments upon the state of American pop consumerist society, by a subtle infiltration into its own carrier.  Cary Peppermint is a performance artist working with digital media technology. He created one of the first real time performances streaming live on the Internet, "Mashed Potato Supper". His "CN_9: Exercises from Symbolic America" was recently performed at Postmasters Gallery, NYC.
||||||||||||||||||||| Video
RTMark is an anonymous group of artists / activists who appropriate the tactical actions of large corporations in order to reveal / undermine the market driven society in which we are living. Past culture jamming campaigns have included the Barbie Liberation Organization (which attacked the gender stereotyping of children's toys), mirror sites such as reveal the transparency of the WTO's assertion that a free market economy will benefit us all, including the environment.  RTMark most recently, in collaboration with numerous anonymous activists, was able to end the vs dispute via TOYWAR. RTMark channels mutual funds towards the sabotage of corporate products for an ultimate gain in cultural capital.  Become a worker, or invest in a mutual fund today!
||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Web-Based
Access To Technology is a Human Right™!  Who decides who gains access to the new technologies?  Or who gains entry into information society?  Is there a new form of discrimination occurring: creating thus a "digital divide"?  Towards what ends are the new technologies being utilized?  For closer surveilling or delving into our private worlds?  Who owns the new technologies?  Who owns the airwaves?  Is language and information free and publicly accessible?  Or is it owned by corporations via trademarks and copyrights? Shouldn't more people be networked?  Think different.  Daniel García Andújar (Spain) is an artist whose works have involved video and installation in the public sphere concerning racism, xenophobia, and the misuse of technology in surveillance systems. 

seeks to re-utilize and distribute declassified images of atomic tests made during the Cold War and to raise public awareness surrounding the issues of nuclear  technology,  and the global context in which it dwells.  The broader goal is to raise public awareness through the arts and through digital media. 
Joy Garnett is an artist exploring the relationship of art, technology and science. She has shown the Bomb Project as a series of paintings entitled "Buster Jangle" at Debs & Co. NYC.  She is a co-founder of First Pulse Projects, Inc., which produces collaborative projects between artists and scientists. 

explores the relationship of technology to the human body.  What are the potentials for interaction on a human level to these newly developing modes of communication on a global basis? What are the breakdowns in communication, or changes of our identities in this newly mediated form of interaction ?  Is their a newly formed sense of self, or a recombinant being that emerges?  Tina LaPorta is a varied media artist working within the fields of sound, video and networked environments.  Her sound piece <Distance: an Eye to the Ear Remix> is currently in The Candy Factory, Yokohama Japan site. 

investigates the relationship of the human body to advances in artificial intelligence, biotechnology, genetic engineering, data systems, surveillance techniques, and fluid architectures and building systems.  What are the possibilities of existing and new typologies of body, mind, data systems, both real and imaginary? Diane Ludin is an varied media artist whose past projects include:  "Identity Runners: re_flesh the body", "Genetic Response System: version 3.0",  "Ephemera: Material Manifestations" and "rDNA Imagined".
||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Web-Interface

 ``As artists who have chosen the web as their primary medium, reveal the potential dysfunctionality of the machine, and thus commenting on the relationship we maintain with them, they offer the viewer an opportunity to think about how the advent of micro-mechanics has profoundly transformed the nature of this relationship.'' - Benjamin Weil, adaweb
Jodi is comprised of Joan Heemskerk / Dirk Paesmans (Barcelona).

"The web browser is an organ of perception through which we 'see' the web.  Shredder appropriates the data of the web, transforming it into a parallel web. It is about the human life that inhabits it, creates it, re-creates it, and consumes it." -Mark Napier is a painter turned digital artist, who works with the medium of the web as the beginning and ending point, his other projects include Digital Landfill, the Distorted Barbie, and

STARRYNIGHT is a new interface for viewing and browsing the RHIZOME CONTENTBASE.  Each star represents a grouping of ideas, based upon threads of ideas submitted by various listserv members, and the brightness of the stars corresponds to the frequency of visitors accessing the database represented by those particular idea(s).  It is like a global mirror of human activity, and maps not only information and their correlary thoughts, but also mapping usage, human thought or decision making processes. Mark Tribe is a digital artist who has lectured on new media art at Ars Electronics, Isea, Siggraph, and Founder of, a non-profit organization that furthers the intersection between contemporary art and digital art by creating a community based around its listserv and database.  Alex Galloway is a computer programmer and theorist, having lectured on art and culture at ZKM, Next 5 Minutes, Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, and is Technical Director and Editor of Rhizome.
||||||||||||||||||||||||| News / Essays / Announcements
"NEWSGRIST"where spin is art, a biweekly digest of important news, horoscopes, and classified ads for the art community at large, served up fresh by digital artist Joy Garnett.

Learn about what this corporation is doing to the food we are eating! Get tools to join in the fight! Decepticons is an artist group concerned with genetically engineered foods and the effects of these processes. 

"HYBRID WORKSPACE INTERVIEWS (DOCUMENTA X, KASSEL)" by Geert Lovink (courtesy Geert Lovink is a pioneer of net activism, media theorist & founder of ADILKNO--the Foundation for the Advancement of Illegal Knowledge, he is cofounder of Nettime, & contributor to CTheory:

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